4 Ways to Conquer Your Reading Slump

ReadingSlumpJune launched the beginning of my reading slump. Even though I have a tonne of wonderful new books waiting to be read, I have no desire to read any of them. I’ve looked at the cover… I’ve looked at the synopsis… and I’ve put them all down wondering what happened to all the good books in the world. Okay, that might be a slight over-exaggeration, but you know what I mean.

I had a plan for what I was going to read this summer, but that seems to have gone out the window along with my desire to read any of the books currently stacked up next to my couch. But I have a backup plan…

  1. Read an old favourite. Knowing the stories and the characters means that my wandering mind doesn’t have to focus so hard on the nuances of a book. I can skip whole paragraphs if I’m feeling bored because I know I won’t get lost when something major happens. Occasionally I will also get something entirely new out of reading these old favourites because I’m not so focused on the main story and can finally get to all those side plots that I missed the first time.
  2. Read something short. Novellas and short story collections are great for when you just can’t seem to read a whole book. Shorter middle-grade books can also be good for this tactic. There isn’t so much pressure involved in reading something short because it will be over in no time. Also, reading short story collections can introduce you to new writers, which can result in a serious reading binge if you like their writing style enough.
  3. Switch genres. This can be hard for some people, especially if they have been reading the same genre for years. I was a fantasy junkie for a long time before being forced to branch out. The good part about this tactic is that it introduces you to new writing styles. And you don’t have to completely break from your favourite genre, but trying something slightly different can spark renewed interest. This is how I found out how much I love steampunk.
  4. Try reading more than one book at a time. This advice isn’t for the average reader, but for the power readers out there. I often find that if I’m struggling to get into one book, having a second or even third book to turn to can help me get back into the zone. I’ve had up to five books partially read, and when I would get tired of one I would just move on to one of the others. Warning: This technique is likely to cause confusion and may result in accidentally merging plot lines if your books are from similar genres.

How do you conquer your reading slumps? Do you use any of these techniques yourself? Leave a comment!


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  1. I have done the reading multiple books at a time(since that’s my reading style) but I’m struggling to find a short story to get out of my reading slump. I’ve got a hold on an Amish mystery short story so when that comes in, I’m hoping that’ll get me moving again along with a couple books from my favourite authors have books coming out next month so hopefully I’ll be able to get back into reading. Sigh. I HATE when I hate reading…

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