Sunday Post – July 5, 2015

sundaynewsThe Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @
Caffeinated Book Reviewer that doesn’t have a theme, per se, it’s more of a weekly wrap-up. I’m going to use it to tell you about some of the other things I’ve done this week and give you a sneak peek at what’s coming up on the blog next week!

IMG_2042Monday: My husband is a handy guy who likes to build things. When his grandmother asked him to paint the cottage he did, and then also build a small deck for her because the old stairs were rotting away. I, on the other hand, am not handy at all, so instead I read a book on the new deck and watched the dog chew on sticks. I was occasionally called on the fetch tools or clean up the scrap wood, but mostly I was there for moral support and to be used as mosquito bait.

271389_10150257859162561_5367635_oTuesday: It was a bad day for traffic all around town and I got caught in the end result of it all. First thing in the morning there was an accident on the highway, then just an hour later a truck pulled down a bunch of power lines in the same area, cutting off an overpass that is used by just about everyone going north or south. I ended up being part of The Great Bus Adventure, as all the city transit was rerouted and delayed. I would have walked, but they weren’t allowing pedestrians across either, so instead my 20 minute commute became 1-1/2 hours long. At least I got some reading done.

IMG_2047Wednesday: Happy Canada Day! This day is an annual disaster/annoyance for my husband and I because his grandmother always tells us that we are going to have a family gathering at the cottage, then suddenly springs it on us that we are actually just there to play host to her God daughter’s family. This year I just wasn’t up for handling that many people who I don’t know, trying to make small-talk while becoming more and more uncomfortable by the minute. I decided that rather than lock myself in the bathroom or have a mental breakdown, I would just take a walk by myself and go read by the river. It worked out well for everyone involved.

11039868_652504871517943_6225012623445385818_nThursday: I’ve been working in the same mall for years now, and there is a rather limited selection when it comes to food choices. Today the new burrito place opened up and the entire staff at my store collectively lost their minds with excitement. Everyone who visited the mall that day seemed to end up getting a burrito or fajita, probably making it the best sales day they will ever have.

11692749_10155731741370587_2987112158911865951_nFriday: While the hubby went out with his dad fishing (and actually caught something! He named it Toby), I spent my morning trying to finish up all the granny squares for the baby blanket I am crocheting. I just started stitching them all together and my brain is already going to mush. Then I had what felt like the longest day ever at work because no one was in the building and I was just waiting for 8:30pm so I could go home.

Saturday: Elyse (justmurrayed) and I had another wonderful day full of books and food. We always end up going on crazy adventures around Toronto because both of us are pretty bad with directions. This means that somehow we end up a 30 minute walk away from wherever we intended to be. Our original plan of visiting Barque Smokehouse, The Monkey’s Paw, and a dessert place ended up taking us all over the place. Here are some pics (mostly taken by her) from our adventures.

Coming up on the blog this week:

  • Review: Orphan Number Eight by Kim van Alkemade
  • Top 10 Hyped Books I Have Never Read
  • Quote a Day Challenge
  • 5 books to read while camping

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  1. Ok, I absolutely howled at your Canada Day conundrum… I am currently at my cottage, surrounded by more in laws than I can count… Theynthink it’s great, I drink my body weight in wine in about 3 days…. ;). Love the book store adventures – Type Is one of my faves, and have you been to Mables Fables on Mt Pleasant?


    1. haha, thanks! I grew up with just my immediate family, with no other relatives within reasonable visiting distance, so marrying into a large family that all live within an hour of each other has been a challenge for me. I have always been seriously introverted in such situations, to the point where my parents used to tell people I was sick because I would hide in the car reading and they didn’t want to be embarrassed by their “anti-social” child.

      We haven’t been to Mables Fables yet, but it’s on the list! I think I might make this a new feature on the blog with reviews of all the bookstores and restaurants we visit.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think that is a fabulous idea! There are so many independent bookstores that carry great titles, but sometimes you only seem to find them by word of mouth. And as for restaurants – I could do a tour of TO just on those alone – SO many great, inexpensive places to eat here.

        PS – I still hide and read when the in-laws are around… Just now it’s my own car. 🙂


  2. Directions are challenging things that can be pretty complicated- especially that whole left and right thing :p


  3. Oh your pictures are amazing! Toronto has never been high on my To-Visit list but I think I’ll have to add it to my Canada trip when I finally make it up there. I’m absolutely terrible with directions. I can follow a map but I’m lost without one. The new burrito place looks pretty good and what fun to have a new option for lunch. Have a great week!


  4. I wished we had more malls in Scotland with the fantastic array of foods you have in Canada and America, ours are just variations of Starbucks.

    The first place I head to when I go on holiday to the states is the nearest burrito outlet which is usually Taco Bell.

    Your Saturday in Toronto looks amazing, I’ve just started driving again after many years of not, and my sense of direction seems to have got worse!

    Have a great week!

    Heather @ Random Redheaded Ramblings


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