A non-bookish post

IMG_2176Hey friends! It’s been a crazy week and I didn’t have time to prep a 5 Books Friday post. A liver donation was found for my niece and we have been rushing around to get them here quickly and safely. I have been at the hospital every day trying to keep her parents occupied and healthy. It’s easy to forget to eat and sleep when you are worrying about your child.

The surgery went well, and now we are just in the waiting stage while she recovers. I will have to get back to work soon, but for now the staff at my two jobs are supporting me and the family. We are all quite tired, but everyone is in good spirits.


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  1. Just wanted to wish your niece and your family (and you) all the very best during this difficult time. My heart breaks when something like this happens to a child. May she have a speedy recovering.. Xo


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