Beautiful Blogger Award

beautiful blogger awardI am so lucky to be part of such an amazing community of like-minded people who all support each other. I have been nominated for another award by Charley at booksandbakes1, and I am thrilled to link you all to a whole bunch of other awesome bloggers that you should all check out.

The Beautiful Blogger Award is for those blogs that are creative, original and add to the blogging community.

  • Link to the creative, beautiful genius that bestowed it upon you.
  • List seven random things about yourself.
  • Send said award to seven (or how ever many you want) other creative, beautiful geniuses.
  • Tell those lucky people that you’ve done this and give em’ the rules.

Random Things:

  1. glasses-543117_640I started wearing glasses in Grade 10. I had a classic case of “had to sit at the front of the class because I couldn’t see the board” and often borrowed my friends’ notes because even that wasn’t good enough sometimes. My optometrist was appalled when he realized how bad my eyesight was by the time I finally came in.
  2. I only started drinking coffee when I turned 20 because I needed the caffeine jolt to stay awake to write essays for school.
  3. I love making spreadsheets.
  4. turkey-802234_640I once got into a car accident because a wild turkey started crossing in front of us and when the driver swerved the turkey jumped into air and was lodged in the windshield. Few people believe us that it was a real turkey, even though the police who showed up confirmed it.
  5. The only team sport I have ever participated in was a single summer of girl’s softball because my friend’s dad was the coach.
  6. I hate it when people ask what my favourite book or band or song is because I don’t have a list of all-time favourites. I really like a lot of stuff, and have multiple favourites for all of these questions. It’s intimidating to try to pick just one.
  7. cider-822262_640My newest favourite alcoholic drink is cider. I am on a quest to try as many varieties as I can. This started when a friend of mine brought me to a cidery and I realized that I liked the taste of fermented apples far more than the taste of beer.

My Nominees:


9 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award

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  1. Congratulations on your award and great answers.
    I’m with you on 6. I can never pick just one thing. It’s one reason why I take so long to reply to tags and award nominations! 🙂
    You’ve now made me crave cider! haha!


    1. Thanks! It’s so hard to think up good answers for these award things sometimes. I feel like I need to keep a list of all my answers so I don’t repeat myself too often. 😛

      And you should definitely go find some cider and drink it! I haven’t decided on a favourite cider either, but Strongbow is easy to find and is pretty good.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on your award! I saw a wild turkey once too. I was on the bus to work and it drove past a wooded area and there it was in the bushes at the side of the road watching traffic. I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was a figment of my imagination. I’m not used to seeing wild turkeys.


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