Review: ‘Maplecroft’ by Cherie Priest

I always find books that retell historical events or folk tales really interesting because it’s so cool to see how someone can reimagine these moments we have in our collective consciousness. Cherie Priest is a favourite author of mine, so I knew I would like Maplecroft.

Synopsis: The evidence against Lizzie Borden has been found lacking, so she is a free woman, and has taken up residence with her sickly sister in their house along the beach. The townspeople leave them alone, which is probably good since Maplecroft has been under siege by a watery army of demon creatures. The sisters suspect that their parents were under the influence of whatever force is setting these creatures upon them, and will do anything to keep their little town safe from the encroaching evil.

I really enjoyed this book, and will likely read the second (and any others) in the series to find out what happens. By using multiple narrators the story is unfolded gradually, and it really builds up to the final scene. The writing is great, which is why I wanted to read it in the first place. Cheri Priest is seriously one of the best authors I have read books by.

I would classify this book under paranormal horror, because the creatures that come from the water to try to get the Borden sisters are seriously creepy. It’s interesting to see how some of the characters work with a scientific mindset, while others seem to look at everything in a more paranormal/spiritual level. Lizzie does everything she can think of to keep the town and her sister safe, and is willing to try out folk remedies and anything else her research shows might keep the creepies away.

This is definitely an enjoyable and crazy read. Check it out if you like your books on the creepy side.

LC rating: 4-stars


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