Networking the Blogosphere

networkingHey friends! Thanks for reading my blog! It’s insane that I started this thing about nine months ago and I’ve made so many new book-loving friends. You are all so amazing!

If anyone is interested in being my friend on Goodreads, I would love to follow along with what you are reading. You can watch as my page count never moves, and then suddenly I’m done the book! Or I magically finish a book without even putting it in my “currently reading” because I read it so fast I didn’t get around to it.goodreads

I also have a Facebook page for this blog where I share a bunch of other cool bookish things I’ve stumbled across on the internet. Whenever there’s a new post to this blog you will see an update, and occasionally there will be pictures of other bookish things that are going on in my life, or even pics of my dog!

facebookFindMeAnd then of course there’s Twitter and Instagram. If you want to follow along on my adventures as they are happening (I try to remember to post as I’m going) I would love to have you along. All the pics from the Books & Bites tours always go up there first.

twitter     Instagram

So, whaddaya say, fellow bloggers? Wanna be my friend? And hey, if you wanna find each other, leave a link in the comments!

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