Sunday Post: Oct 25, 2015

This week I had a few bookish adventures and even managed to get out of my reading rut. I realized early last weekend that I might actually be in a non-fiction phase, which explains why fiction has been extremely difficult for me to enjoy. Anyway, here’s what happened this week…


I have been super excited about seeing Jenny Lawson again ever since she announced her tour dates a few months ago. I texted everyone I thought would be interested, and made sure they all got invites when the Facebook event was put up. IMG_2371

I rounded up the troops and we all headed out to Indigo Bay & Bloor early because we knew it would be absolutely packed. We were right….

Image © Indigo Events
Image © Indigo Events

Our butts were numb by the end of the event, but we were lucky enough to get seats in the first place. We were there 2 hours before the event and only just managed to get seats. She read from her new book, and did a wonderful Q&A, and throughout it all we laughed and had a great time. She’s such a wonderful inspiration for people dealing with mental illness. She took a moment to talk to each of us when we went up to get our books signed, and is seriously the best about understanding how difficult it can be for introverts to approach someone who they admire.



Elyse (JustMurrayed) and I decided to check out one of the author events held by the Toronto Public Library. It was our first foray into this type of event, so we didn’t know what to expect. We figured that an event in TO would gather a crowd, so it was a huge surprise when we got there to find no one in line. The chairs were empty, and neither of us felt comfortable being there for authors that we didn’t even know. Elyse picked up a few books to check out from the library and we made our way over to Indigo Bay & Bloor to wander. I bought some books that looked interesting and came home happy.


Hopefully next week will be full of more interesting bookish adventures. What did you do last week? What’s your upcoming week look like? Don’t forget to check out all the other great Sunday Post blogs linked at Caffinated Book Reviewer‘s blog.


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    1. I saw in the library first that evening, and then again on the sale shelve at Indigo, so it seemed like a sign that I needed to read it. People on Goodreads have said that it is more of a biography than a historical study, but it still looked pretty interesting.

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