Christmas Craft Show Mayhem

It’s been a long and busy day already, and it’s only just a bit more than half over. Today my husband and I were each at a different craft show selling his cutting boards. Mine was close to home at my old work place, while his was out at this amazing old mansion in Thornhill.

Here’s my little setup! People love to come and touch the boards (I do too!) because they are silky smooth and beautiful.


Our cheese boards always do well at shows because they are a great price and make an awesome gift. I did my best to talk to people and give them the info they needed to make an informed choice about the boards. Luckily, I have had a couple years of learning from my husband about what goes into makes these, or I would have been useless!

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His super posh craft show is two days long, so he will be there again tomorrow. He got the majority of our stock and some of the more interesting looking boards. I wish I had some pictures of the amazing chaos boards he has made.


Although we have a website, we currently don’t have stock up for sale because we have so many shows in the near future. Last year we kept running into the issue of people wanting to buy boards that had already been sold at shows. Some of the boards have such a specific look it’s hard to find a replacement. We’ve learned from our mistakes this year, so until we can have dedicated “online” stock, we are just going to sell at shows.


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  1. I really need to buy one from you! So excited that this is working out for you and Bryan πŸ™‚

    They look beautiful!!


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