Christmas & Crayons

113357_holiday-threeway_khggYesterday night I attended a staff meeting at the bookstore to discuss all the awesome stuff that we get to sell for the holiday season. It was going to be a huge meeting with a bunch of other stores, but instead we had a small one with just our staff (and a visitor from another store) which was so much better.

I got to talk about all the fun toys and gift items we have, which are currently my pet project in the store. I am making it my personal mission to ensure that our display tables look awesome and tidy this year. I had to prepare a game for the meeting, so I made our staff run around collecting all the best selling items from this week, and the ones that are featured in our holiday flyers. It was fun, and people grabbed some great gift ideas.

The highlight of the night was story time with Scott. He’s been a guest blogger on here before, and last night he read The Day the Crayons Came Home by Drew Dewalt and Oliver Jeffers. He did voices for all the crayons, and made us all laugh uproarusly with his commentary throughout. He definitely made the night a big success.

Here’s a picture of him reading to us all… because we are seriously all children at heart. Don’t forget to check out Scott’s blog HERE.


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