Wishlist Wednesday: ‘Flickers’ by Arthur Slade

Wishlist WednesdayI just found out that one of my favourite Canadian authors has another book coming some day (I have no idea when) and I had to share it with you! So let’s talk about Flickers by Arthur Slade!

Shamelessly stolen ARC snapshot from @rachmc on Twitter

Synopsis: A movie scream so piercing, so chilling and so powerful, it will open up another dimension and summon something beyond all imagining… Far from the isolated prairie ranch where they were born, orphaned twins Isabelle and Beatrice Thorn are living a glamorous 1920s Hollywood life as wards of Mr. Cecil, a mysterious and influential director. Isabelle is a silent film starlet, destined for greatness in the very first talking picture—, a horror flick that will showcase her famous scream, often seen but never before heard by audiences. Meanwhile, Beatrice spends her days hidden away on the Cecil estate with her books and her insect collection, scarves covering her birthmarks and baldness. But Beatrice’s curiosity about Mr. Cecil, the death of her parents, the appearance of scorpion-hornet creatures that should not exist on this earth— and the unsettling fates of two people who visited his estate is getting the better of her, and she’s starting to realize the director has truly dark designs for this movie.

I’m so excited to read another book by Arthur Slade! I loved the Hunchback Assignments series and have been waiting anxiously for another book since 2012. He writes such interesting characters and unique stories. This book sounds so creepy/weird that I’m sure it’s going to be amazing.

Wishlist Wednesday is a blog hop meme hosted by Pen to Paper.


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