Wishlist Wednesday: ‘Solutions and Other Problems’ by Allie Brosh


Okay… okay… everybody calm down… it’s cool… it’s just a normal day… so let’s talk about Solutions and Other Problems by Allie Brosh.

Synopsis: Touching, absurd, and darkly comic, Allie Brosh’s new collection of autobiographical essays showcases her singular voice, leaping wit, and her ability to capture complex emotions with deceptively simple illustrations. This full-color, beautifully illustrated edition features almost all new material, including more outrageous stories from Brosh’s childhood, the misadventures of her very bad dogs, merciless dissection of her own character flaws, and serious meditations on depression and grief in the wake of her sister’s recent death…

Since Hyperbole and a Half was published we haven’t seen much from Allie. She stopped posting on her blog, and a small post about her whereabouts pretty much indicated that she was done with these autobiographical cartoons. Then magic happened, and somehow she was convinced to write/draw another book. I’m so crazily excited about this book. I can’t wait for October to be here! I love how accessible she makes talking about anxiety, and all the stories about her dogs. She’s seriously one of the only authors who makes me laugh out loud on a regular basis.

Wishlist Wednesday is a blog hop meme hosted by Pen to Paper.


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