Wishlist Wednesday: ‘Maybe a Fox’ by Kathi Appelt

I spotted this in one of the many bookish emails I get daily and thought it looked good. I totally love the cover, and the premise of the story sounds really interesting too.

Maybe a Fox by Kathi Appelt

Synopsis: Sylvie and Jules, Jules and Sylvie. Better than just sisters, better than best friends, they’d be identical twins if only they’d been born in the same year. And if only Sylvie wasn’t such a fast—faster than fast—runner. But Sylvie is too fast, and when she runs to the river they’re not supposed to go anywhere near to throw a wish rock just before the school bus comes on a snowy morning, she runs so fast that no one sees what happens…and no one ever sees her again. Jules is devastated, but she refuses to believe what all the others believe, that—like their mother—her sister is gone forever. At the very same time, in the shadow world, a shadow fox is born—half of the spirit world, half of the animal world. She too is fast—faster than fast—and she senses danger. She’s too young to know exactly what she senses, but she knows something is very wrong. And when Jules believes one last wish rock for Sylvie needs to be thrown into the river, the human and shadow worlds collide.

I’m a little surprised that it’s considered a middle-grade book since it sounds like something that would be more suited to teen readers. But then, I feel like kids are maturing so much faster these days, so I could be totally wrong. Either way, with an author like Kathi Appelt at the helm it’s bound to be a book that parents and kids are talking about for years.

Wishlist Wednesday is a blog hop meme hosted by Pen to Paper.


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