Ten Websites I Love That Aren’t About Books

I visit a lot of random websites throughout the day, but here are a few that I check regularly. Some occasionally have bookish things on them, but usually it’s just random interest stuff.

Webcomics: Kind of bookish because really they are just serialized graphic novels, but they are pretty awesome and should be looked at by more people.

Questionable Content: Created by Jeph Jacques, this comic started out with a few indie characters and a rude little robot alternating between hipster music discussions and fart jokes, but has grown into a serious discussion of current and future social issues (with a few fart jokes still thrown in for laughs).questionable content

Gunnerkrigg Court: Created by Tom Siddell, this beautiful comic follows Annie, a young girl with unique abilities, as she begins classes at Gunnerkrigg Court. The massive compound is separated from the forest beyond, where mythical creatures roam and a trickster god rules.gunnerkrigg

Wapsi Square: Created by Paul Taylor, the story begins innocently enough with relationship and friendship stories featuring the main character, Monica, but becomes about so much more as Aztec Gods begin to influence events that might destroy the whole world.wapsi

Facts and News: I never watch the news, instead preferring to get my information from the many sources available online. I tend to steer clear of traditional news sources because I really don’t care to read about the latest celebrity drama, but I still like to learn new things about the world I live in.

Cracked: This site is full of interesting and funny lists and articles about a variety of topics. You never know what cool facts you will learn while following a link trail from article to article. Lately they have been doing a lot of in-depth interviews with different kinds of people, which are really interesting to read. You can learn more about life as a sex worker, or a scientist, or a garbage collector. It’s very easy to spend a whole afternoon just jumping from article to article. 

Smithsonian Mag: I used to have a subscription to this magazine, but I let it lapse a while back. I still get their emails though, and there are often some really cool articles about the latest historical and scientific discoveries happening around the world.

Science Daily: scienceThis isn’t the prettiest of sites, but it’s a great resource for keeping up on the latest scientific news. It continually updates throughout the day as it collects the latest articles and information. If you ever wanted to know if bearded dragons dream, or what the latest stats on teen drug use are, this is the place to find it. Nothing is dumbed down in these articles, so be prepared for some serious science talk.

Upworthy: Most of the time I just look at the articles that Upworthy posts to Facebook, but now and then I check out their website to see if I’ve missed anything else that is important or interesting. The videos and articles they post range from cute puppy videos to in-depth discussions about war and race.

Discovery News: I’m sure you have noticed by now that I love reading about interesting science and history stuff. This site has a little bit of everything that I’m interested in. There’s up-to-date info on current events as well as in-depth articles about scientific discoveries.


Ancestry: I’ve been using Afamily treencestry off and on for years because I love solving a good mystery and my family tree is one crazy messed up bunch of weirdos. I recently did one of the DNA tests they offer to see if I could find more family members, but that just made things even more confusing. I go on major genealogy benders every so often and end up digging up tonnes of dirt on my ancestors.

Modcloth: After discovering this site I’m a bit addicted. I love being able to like items and go back to discover that they are on sale. I have bought a number of outfits from them now and have loved each piece. Sure, it’s a bit more expensive than hunting down each item on their respective retailer’s website, but I’ll take the convenience factor into account.

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