Review: ‘Lumberjanes’ by Noelle Stevenson

Last weekend I was stuck with nothing to do, so I decided to binge read the issues of Lumberjanes that were available on Scribd. Even though I pay for access to their library each month, I often forget that it’s available to me until I’m desperately searching for something to read. I had tried reading the first issue of this graphic novel series a while back but was confused so I put it aside for a while. A boring weekend with nothing else to do wasΒ just what I needed to get back into it.

Synopsis: A group of girls at summer camp keep getting attacked by monstrous creatures for some unknown reason. Using a combination of ingenuity and luck, the girls face these dangers head on while trying to solve the mystery of their weird camp while earning a few badges along the way.

I am in love with the many diverse characters present in this comic. These aren’t your stereotypical girly girls just trying to avoid getting dirty while making friendship bracelets and swimming in the lake during summer camp. These are some rough and tumble girls who each bring a unique perspective to the story. They all come from unique families too, which I totally appreciate. There’s just a lot of love happening right now… πŸ˜›

The only thing I had trouble with was the first issue when I felt like I had NO IDEA what the heck was happening. You basically get thrown into the middle of the action with no warning and it’s hard to figure out who is who, what’s going on, why they are fighting weird foxy creatures… it’s just a bit of a mess. If I didn’t have 18 issues to help me figure things out I probably would have given up on the series.

LC rating: 3-stars (fun comic with great diversity,
confusing beginning though)


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    1. I would recommend reading one or two issues first before giving it to any younger readers, as there are a few things that parents might think are too mature for some kids. I’ve only read up to issue 18, so I don’t know if it gets any more mature, but I would feel comfortable giving it to a kid in the 9-12 yrs old range.


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