Wanted: GTA Book Buddy

wantedHey people, it’s National Literacy Day and I need to find someone to do literary things with in the GTA. I’m starting to think I need to develop an app that lets introverts find like-minded introverts who won’t pressure them to do things outside of their comfort zone but still want to have adventures. Much like Pokemon GO has helped gamers go out to explore their world in search of a Snorlax, I want something that encourages us literary types to get out to enjoy all the amazing bookish events that the GTA has to offer.

I recently lost my GTA book buddy to the allure of the West Coast, so I’m on the hunt for someone else in the area who would be interested in having bookish adventures with me. I need an introvert (or someone who is sympathetic to introverts) because there are times when I won’t feel comfortable in a situation and I need that person to be understanding and willing to adapt.


  • Must live in the GTA and be willing to meet up approximately once a month
    • (sometimes more/less depending on what’s happening in the literary world)
  • Must be interested in books and the publishing world
    • (current or former bookstore employees highly encouraged to apply)
  • Should be a blogger/writer/internet personality
    • (so they understand why I make frequent stops to take photos, research a thing, or explore something new and want to participate in internetly things with me)
  • Must be able and willing to walk for at least 30 minutes in any given direction around Toronto
    • (getting lost is part of the fun, but it’s no fun if the person you are with keeps complaining)
  • Must be able to sit quietly for an hour or more while looking interested
    • (because sometimes an author event isn’t what you expected but you still have to look like you care because there are only 10 other people in the room and the author keeps making eye contact with you)
  • Must understand and appreciate the rules of polite society
    • (rudeness will not be tolerated)
  • Should be 25-40 years of age
    • (because most people assume that I’m younger than 35, but I’m also a married woman with a career and I want to have something in common with the person I’m hanging out with other than just books)

So, are you that person? Or do you know someone who might fit the bill for my new book buddy? Come be literate with me!!!! Leave me a comment or send me an email at theliterarycounsellor(at)gmail.com.


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