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A few years ago a friend of mine was looking for a weekly blog idea and we came up with the idea of doing an ABC challenge every couple of weeks. Her blog was about the lead-up to and first year of marriage, and so she focused on emotion words (ex. A is for Appreciation). I decided to repurpose this idea for my blog by creating my own challenge for character types. So here we are, with the Bookish ABC, which I plan to post every other Sunday throughout 2020.

Below is a list of all my prompts, which will begin with A next week. Feel free to join me if you wish, or start your own list. Just leave a comment on the blog so that I can come read it. 🙂

  • A is for Alien
  • B is for Bookseller
  • C is for Convict
  • D is for Doctor
  • E is for Explorer
  • F is for Fairy
  • G is for Gardener
  • H is for Hermit
  • I is for Innkeeper
  • J is for Jailer
  • K is for King
  • L is for Lovers
  • M is for Maid
  • N is for Nerd
  • O is for Orphan
  • P is for Prince/Princess
  • Q is for Queen
  • R is for Ringmaster
  • S is for Scholar
  • T is for Thief
  • U is for Urchin
  • V is for Virgin
  • W is for Wizard
  • X is for Xe/Xir/Xyr
  • Y is for Youth
  • Z is for Zookeeper


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