Bookish ABC: D is for Doctor

After looking through the books I have read, I have to say that doctors really don’t get a good reputation in literature. Very few of them are considered nice, sane, or particularly helpful. This list is obviously skewed by my interest in psychology, so I hope that anyone who comments will be able to provide some more positive depictions of doctors.

18692431. sy475 A Madness So Discreet12291438
Everything, EverythingA Madness So DiscreetThe Madman’s Daughter
6663784. sy475 1813123287179
Get Well SoonA Wrinkle in Time (Time Quintet, #1)Orphan Number Eight
17858609. sy475 1846780220702018
The Painted BridgeEuphoriaThe Cure for Dreaming

Do you have a favourite book that features a doctor? Tell me what it is so I can check it out!

The Bookish ABC is a blog prompt set by the Literary Counsellor with a focus on favourite character types in books. Posting is sporadic, but intended to be every other weekend. Posts might feature one single book, or many different ones. Check HERE for a full list of upcoming topics. 


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