TTT: The Last Ten Books I Abandoned

I don’t have a problem leaving books behind anymore. I think when people care about the written word as much as we do (I mean, we are book bloggers, after all) it can be hard to walk away from something that an author put so much effort into, but some books aren’t meant for every reader.

Really long book that was moving too slow
Wasn’t interested in the magical element
The mystery wasn’t very interesting in this one

Wasn’t feeling the genre at the time, might try again

Had to return to library, wasn’t enjoying the main character

Repetitive “get yourself a mentor” messaging
Different main character from the series, wasn’t as interested
Very long book, needed a break from the non-fiction biography

I was hoping for something a bit more literary focused

The mystery was taking too long to unfold, couldn’t keep my interest

What was the last book you gave up on?

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Each week a new Top Ten list for anyone to answer. Just add a link to them on your post, and add your name to the weekly linky!


4 thoughts on “TTT: The Last Ten Books I Abandoned

Add yours

  1. Over the last few years I’ve definitely become more picky over books that I will even pick up to read, but every now and then even a beloved author produces a, for me at least, dud. I also think I sometimes judge harshly against the quality of their other work rather than the book individually, but that’s a discussion for another day!
    Too slow a plot or lack of connection to the main characters are usually my main reasons for DNF’ing a book too.


  2. Great list! I haven’t read any of these (although I was thinking about Praire Fires) — but I have no problem DNFing if a book doesn’t appeal to me or just doesn’t hold my interest. Too many other books to read!


  3. I think the last book I abandoned was Emilie Pine’s Notes to Myself. I’d read part of it, but it didn’t really fix my attention depsite it being very well reviewed. You win some, you lose some!


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