Bookish ABC: F is for Fairy

Most of us think of tiny little winged Tinkerbell-type characters when we think of fairies, but the history of fairy creatures is much darker and interesting. There are hundreds of different types of fairy creatures, some of which are dark and foreboding. They steal children as they walk through the forest, swap babies in their cradles, and generally set out to cause mayhem. Or maybe you find yourself in love with a faerie prince, get taken to his palace under the hill… and end up living there for 100 years or so while you never age and the world above goes on without you. Here is one of my favourite series about faerieland:

The Hunter’s Moon

Findabhair and her cousin Gwen have always believed in magic and the other world, and their dream is to find a way to enter it. Where better to begin than at royal Tara, seat of the High Kings of Ireland? Eager for adventure, they challenge an ancient law by spending the night in the sacred Sidbemound. When Gwen awakens, she is horrified to discover that Findabhair has disappeared, abducted by the King of the Faeries. How will Gwen rescue her cousin?

The Summer King

Seventeen-year-old Laurel Blackburn has come to Ireland to escape the sorrow of her twin sister’s death in Canada. After a magical experience involving her sister, Laurel’s grandfather tells her the Irish once believed that Faerie was the land of the after-life. Then a cluricaun, of the Clan Leprechaun, gives Laurel a mission: To help her sister enter Faerie, Laurel must find the lost King of the West.

The Light-bearer’s Daughter

Dana’s broken family is about to immigrate to Canada from Ireland, despite her protests. Then the King of Faerie charges her with a mission: She must carry an urgent message to his second-in-command deep in the mountains. Why has he chosen Dana, and what has it to do with her long-lost mother?

Do you have a favourite book that features fairies? Tell me what it is so I can check it out!

The Bookish ABC is a blog prompt set by the Literary Counsellor with a focus on favourite character types in books. Posting is sporadic, but intended to be every other weekend. Posts might feature one single book, or many different ones. Check HERE for a full list of upcoming topics. 


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