TTT: 10 Resolutions & Hopes for 2021

As many others do, I start my year with a whole lot of grand plans and as the months go by I end up forgetting most of them. According to some random statistics that I just Googled, 80% of all New Year’s resolutions fail. However, having a goal and being able to imagine it coming true has been shown to work for many people. Books like The Secret, The Power of Positive Thinking, and The Power of Now all have the same message: you can make anything happen if you believe it can happen.

So here are the 10 things I plan to do to help manifest my dreams.

Learn how to meditate. It seems like every book on living a better life wants you to learn how to meditate… or at least learn how to calm your mind. This is because we tend to get stuck in our own day to day routines and forget to take a moment to just breathe. Thousands of studies show that meditation can positively impact mental and physical health.

Keep a gratitude journal. Gratitude is the practice of making space for appreciation. It can be so easy to focus on the negative parts of our day that we forget to look for the good. I plan to write down at least one thing that I am grateful for each day, just to remind myself that there is more to my life than a single bad moment.

Read 52 books, or 1 book a week. I always set a Goodreads goal each year, and feel like 1 book a week is totally possible with my current lifestyle. Some years I have managed to read way more, but working a full-time job means that I need to be more realistic with my goals. Perhaps with this lockdown for the first month or more of 2021, I will be able to get more reading done. I have a pretty good pile of books waiting for me to get to them.

Write more often. Along with my hope that I will continue blogging on a regular basis throughout the year, I have some other writing goals. I have a monthly commitment to write a mental health blog for a former employer, and have recently been asked to help with some freelance writing work for a friend who owns an online business.

Plan my days more efficiently. As many others have experienced during lockdown, all my days tend to blend together. During the last lockdown, I had a very regular schedule set out for me because I was working from home. This time around I am on my own, and I need to set daily goals to keep me busy. This past week is a very good indication of how things will go if I don’t have set times for things.

Be more active. In relation to my previous goal, I also need to get out of the house and move more. I will happily sit on the couch with a book, or my laptop, all day long if I don’t have a specific place to go. With everything locked down, it’s going to be hard to find a place to go, but I’m sure I can figure out something.

Save money. I am not the best at saving money, especially when I find a new hobby that I enjoy. I get caught up in the desire to own everything that I could possibly need for this new interest. This year I want to be more mindful about what I spend my money on, and keep my purchases to the things I need rather than what I want.

Adopt a dog. Last year we lost our beautiful doggo rather suddenly. My husband and I are still grieving, as we don’t have children and we raised her from puppyhood. I am hopeful that some time this year we will be ready to bring home another fur-baby. We were very lucky to find Cali online at the exact right time when we were looking for a new pet. So hopefully when we are ready in this new year the same good luck will be with us.

Travel more. I know this one is a long shot the way things are going, but I’m hopeful that maybe I’ll be able to travel some time this year. The big dream would be able to go to Cuba again, but if that can’t happen, at least I would like to visit friends and family whom I haven’t seen in a while.

What hopes and dreams do you have for 2021?

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24 thoughts on “TTT: 10 Resolutions & Hopes for 2021

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  1. I adore this list!

    I mediate several times a week and am trying to make it a daily habit.

    Yes, planning your days efficiently is so important. I hope you find a system that works great for you.

    When you do find the perfect new dog, I hope you’ll blog about him or her. Dogs really help one to stay active, and they’re such loving creatures. πŸ™‚

    My post.

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  2. So sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. That’s always hard. I always like to think dogs find us when we most need them (or that’s been my experience, anyway). I hope you find the perfect doggo in 2021 for your little family. πŸ™‚ One book a week sounds like a fabulous goal, too! Good luck with your goals!

    Here’s my TTT post.

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  3. I have a gratefulness jar. It was a university projected given to us but I just kept it! We fill a jar with folded papers written in them are different things we are grateful for in life. Any day we’re feeling down or sad we would open that jar and pick a paper, it would act as a reminder for the things you have and the things you should be grateful for.

    It’s a great way to project some positive thoughts inward!

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  4. The one thing COVID has done for me is made me save money, and I started journalling a few years back (2016) after an extended stay in hospital. It was good to write about my experiences. So I understand the need. And oh how I wish I could adopt a dog too, but where I live it’s impossible.

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    1. I was definitely saving money at the beginning of the pandemic, but when I went back to work I started spending again.

      Hopefully this year will be better for me. I definitely feel like journaling (or blogging) about life during this time will be so helpful, not only for my current mental health but for the future.

      I am very lucky to live in a house with a big backyard. I hope that I can share that with a new pet this year. Fingers crossed!


  5. I share so many of these goals, particularly the first two–they’re so important! (And I’m so sorry for your loss–there’s really no understanding it until you’ve been there, and life is never quite the same. But if you’re in a place to give all your love to another fur baby, that’s a beautiful thing to do. ❀️)


  6. Very sorry for the loss of your dog! It’s heartbreaking to lose four-legged members of the family. I hope you find a new member to embrace and give love to. All the best in your reading and life goals for 2021


  7. I love the idea of keeping a gratitude journal. One of the good things about 2020 is it made me more grateful for everyday things that I take for granted (toilet paper, stocked shelves at the grocery store, not having to wear a mask everywhere I go, etc.). Being grateful, even for the really small things, definitely makes me a happier person! Good luck with the journal and with all your other goals.

    Happy TTT!



  8. I think one book a week is very doable. I hope you are able to meet this goal. I’m so sorry you lost your pup, but I hope you are able to find a good fit for a new puppy in your life. I know that getting a new dog definitely helped me when I lost my first dog. Wishing you lots of luck with all these!


  9. Great list, and some very worthy goals many of which I share. Meditation is something that I really need to do more often as it definitely helps me become less reactive and more in control of my mind. I also need to write more.


  10. I recently heard a podcast about an author who kept a ‘book of delights’ and I was thinking it was such a good idea. You’re absolutely right about how important it is for us to take notice of what’s good around us. Especially right now. I hope the right fur baby finds you at just the right time. It’s so hard to lose our pets! And I miss traveling so much, too. A change of scenery would be so nice. Good luck with all of your goals in 2021!


  11. This post just reminded me that I need to start meditation too! πŸ˜… Yes, to the gratitude journal! 🀩 One of my 2021 goal is planning my life better too!

    True, because of the lock down my physical activities have decrease as well. πŸ˜”

    I am sorry for the loss of your dog. But I hope you get to give a home to a new member soon! Wish you all the best with these resolutions! πŸ’–πŸ’•


  12. I’m trying to be more organized about my reading, writing, and blogging this year, while also trying to keep up with health and wellness and working full-time. Feeling depleted already with this fresh round of cancellations of spring and summer plans in 2021, but reading the optimistic resolutions on yours and so many other TTT posts this week has really given me a boost! Good luck with your goals!


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