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weddingWorking for Indigo Books & Music Inc. for almost 8 years has offered me a unique insight into what people like to read, and how much people are willing to divulge to a complete stranger in the pursuit of the perfect book. I learn more about people’s lives in 15 minute conversations while walking the stacks than many of their friends will have learned after years. I know when you hate your in-laws, what mental health issues you have, if you like to be a little racy in the bedroom… it’s all out there for me to learn.

On top of that, I spent a couple of years as a journalist, and then switched gears to earn a social service worker diploma. This all adds to my ability to draw out a persons story, learning more about them than they had expected to share. And so I like to call myself a literary counsellor, since that’s what I end up being when you come to my store. I give you the perfect book for when you are depressed, horny, upset, unsure, ecstatic, bored, etc.

Want me to review your book?

Unfortunately, at this time I am not accepting any new books from authors. My TBR pile is just too big and publishers continue to send me more each week.

Want to connect?

I can be reached at theliterarycounsellor(at)gmail.com, or through any of my social media accounts.

Many links on this blog are affiliate links through Indigo Affiliates. That means that if you buy something through one of my links that I will be compensated.

Reviews written on this blog are solely the personal opinion of their authors and should be read as such. Each of us has our own reading style and what one person likes, another may hate. Any comments that include hate speech or anything else that the owner of this blog finds objectionable are subject to being deleted.

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