Happy Read an E-book Day!

Unlike many of my fellow booksellers, I have no problem with e-books. People assume that I will get offended if they say they bought an e-book, often cringing in shame before admitting it. As someone who cares more about if you can read than how you do it, I am happy to inform people that I... Continue Reading →

Great Book Covers from Around My Store

I don't have time to write anything today, but I don't want everyone to think I've given up on the blog either. I'm just trying to figure out this new life schedule right now. Anyway... here are some awesome/ cute/ amazing/ beautiful book covers I have found in the last few days at my store... Continue Reading →

Happy Paperback Book Day!

These quirky holidays are awesome, but I always like knowing how they became a holiday in the first place. Luckily I managed to track down some information on another blog called A Year of Holidays. This is what they had to say about the origins of this holiday: "Penguin Books published its first paperback books... Continue Reading →

Booksellers in the Garden

Yesterday I got to go on a day trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens with a bunch of fellow booksellers thanks to the amazing people at Penguin Random House Canada! They wanted to have a mini-book club meeting for their adorable book called Robot in the Garden, so we all gathered for pretty flowers, yummy food, good friends, and a... Continue Reading →

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