50 Books Complete!

Well that went by quick! I've already reached my reading goal of 50 books this year and we aren't even half way through the year yet! When I set my reading goal for the year I hadn't expected to become a blogger or to be temporarily part of a book club that reads 5 books... Continue Reading →

Happy Hug Your Cat (book) Day!

Since I don't have a cat anymore I thought I should celebrate this day by giving some love to the fictional cats in my life. Chester by Melanie Watt is hilarious, and if I ever get another cat I hope it will be as amusing as he is. Some other great cat books are: Dewey:... Continue Reading →

The Glad Game

I have recently been overcome with the desire to read children's fiction from my past. When I was growing up in the '80s and '90s the selection of YA wasn't nearly as grand as it is today, but I still managed to find some great books that have stuck with me over the years. This weekend... Continue Reading →

Customer quickly walks up to cash. Customer: "I see you don't sell men's briefcases." Customer walks out of store. Bookseller blinks confusedly.

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