5 Books That Would Make Good Book Club Picks

Most of the time people who are part of book clubs just show up with a list of the books they need to read and I try to find them all. But sometimes, if I'm really lucky, I get to suggest some of my favourite books to them as possible picks for upcoming months. Here... Continue Reading →

5 Books I Can’t Stop Recommending To People

As a bookseller I get to recommend books to people all the time, which is good because otherwise I'd probably be annoying my friends by constantly shoving books at them. Throughout the day I find myself going back to certain books over and over again, because they just fit for so many readers. Here are... Continue Reading →

5 books that left me with too many questions

Have you ever read a book that leaves you with more questions at the end than when you started? I hate when I finish a book and realize that there are still a thousand unanswered questions in my mind and no sequel in sight. Here are a few that will likely always drive me a little crazy when I start to think about how unsatisfied I felt at the end...

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