Review: ‘A Court of Wings and Ruin’ by Sarah J. Maas

Okay kids, strap in, we're doing this! I haven't written a review in a while, but I figured it was about time. If you know my writing style, you can be fairly certain that there won't be any spoilers for A Court of Wings and Ruin in this review. So don't fear if you haven't finished (or even started) this book.

Review: ‘A Court of Mist and Fury’ by Sarah J. Maas

OMG... you guys.... how is this series in the YA section!!?!?!?!? Chapter 2.... CHAPTER FREAKING TWO!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay... freakout over; so, let's talk about A Court of Mist and Fury. I have been sharing my new book knowledge with all of my coworkers because I don't think any of us understood the extent of the maturity... Continue Reading →

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