TTT: 12 Bookish Beers I Would Serve at a Party

Have you ever tried a bookish beer? Tell me all about it!

Book Review: ‘The Bookish Life of Nina Hill’ by Abbi Waxman

Whenever I find myself unsure what to read, I always search for a book about someone who loves books and reading as much as I do. I think it's the unconscious desire to remind myself why I am so passionate about books. So, after slumping hard for quite some time, I was ready to start... Continue Reading →

Bookish ABC

Photo by Pixabay on A few years ago a friend of mine was looking for a weekly blog idea and we came up with the idea of doing an ABC challenge every couple of weeks. Her blog was about the lead-up to and first year of marriage, and so she focused on emotion words... Continue Reading →

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