Christmas Craft Show Mayhem

It's been a long and busy day already, and it's only just a bit more than half over. Today my husband and I were each at a different craft show selling his cutting boards. Mine was close to home at my old work place, while his was out at this amazing old mansion in Thornhill.... Continue Reading →

Happy Paperback Book Day!

These quirky holidays are awesome, but I always like knowing how they became a holiday in the first place. Luckily I managed to track down some information on another blog called A Year of Holidays. This is what they had to say about the origins of this holiday: "Penguin Books published its first paperback books... Continue Reading →

The Reading Dead

About a month ago I had a dream, a nightmare really, that it was Christmas Eve and although we had tried to close the bookstore on time, there were still a lot of people hanging out in the stacks. Every time we tried to get one family to the cash and out the door, another... Continue Reading →

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