Review: ‘Cracked’ by K.M. Walton

I'm running out of "teens in mental hospitals" books! If any of you have suggestions I'd love to hear them. Please leave me a comment with any recommendations you have. Cracked is an interesting take on this genre. Victor and Bull are the alternating narrators in this classic tale of bully vs. bullied, but the twist... Continue Reading →

Review: ‘Thicker Than Water’ by Kelly Fiore Stultz

Am I the only one who automatically assumes that when a book starts out by telling me that one character has killed another that it's a lie? Maybe I've watched too many crime dramas on TV because I always think that the first suspect is the least likely to have actually committed the crime. Synopsis:... Continue Reading →

Review: ‘Everything, Everything’ by Nicola Yoon

When I finally got an ARC of Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon from the publisher I immediately dropped everything else I was doing to read it. Okay, so I had to sit through 4.5 agonizing hours at Job #2 before I could actually immerse myself in this wonderful book, but after that I didn't look up until the book was finished. Synopsis:... Continue Reading →

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