Will I Read This? and other important questions

I’ve joined the #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks Challenge because when I counted up the unread books on my Kobo and bookshelf the final tally was 205! Since I get to set my own rules for this challenge, here’s what my plan is…


On Tuesday night I began “The Great E-book Purge of 2016” because I have had some books languishing on my Kobo since 2011. I bought many of them on a whim, or with the intent to use them for research, but they have sat unopened for 5 years and it’s time to say goodbye.

How many unread books do you have on your shelves? Are you participating in this challenge? Leave a comment!


4 thoughts on “Will I Read This? and other important questions

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  1. I need to do this but I don’t want to know how much I’ve spent on unread books because it would depress me. I am attempting to read only from books I own this year but alas have broken that pledge a few times already -only one month in.


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